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Marketing Design


UI and UX Design
Print Design
Digital Design

Holding the position of marketing designer with a web focus allowed me to expand my involvement in projects across Bonfire's marketing efforts and the company as a whole.

I maintained all ownership of sales page design and Webflow builds/management while also working on a variety of other design deliverables such as presentation decks, blog imagery, email design, informational pdfs and more. I also worked with product marketing and our sales team to create custom landing page solutions for high level nonprofit organizations.

Fundraising landing page revamp

In our efforts to encourage more use of our ‘Giving Campaigns’ feature, we updated a previously used landing page for promotion. I was responsible for the overall design of the page and transfer of the page hosting from unbounce to Webflow including a new page build.

Enterprise nonprofit events - custom landing pages

We provided custom landing pages for our larger nonprofit clients as a tool to market t-shirt fundraising to their team captains. I was responsible for design and build of these pages as well as keeping a brand balance between Bonfire and the org. With the limited search functions Webflow offers, I created a custom search tool using outside resources for these pages allowing users to search through hundreds of events.

Landing page for NNAF t-shirt fundraisersearch function for NNAF landing page

Fundraising blog post redesign

This redesign project focused solely on streamlining the navigation of a very hefty, informational post (also one our most visited blog posts). Rather than endlessly scrolling through fundraiser options, I created a sidebar nav for jumping around the page and drop downs within each fundraiser card as well as designing a “fundraiser generator”. Here a user could select from a set list of fundraising needs and a corresponding fundraiser would generate.

I designed this in figma, majority of the page I built within Webflow and my lead worked with the engineering team to create the fundraising generator.